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2017 senior season is here!

high school senior ballerina in the annual pink blossoms in downtown Columbus, Indiana, Columbus North High School, unique senior pictures, senior pictures in Columbus, Indiana, ballet senior pictures

Good morning! I can't believe that we are in the final week of April already!!! With summer just around the corner (hard to believe since we all had our heat on just a few days ago) it's time to chat about the upcoming Class of 2017! Now is the time to book your senior session with Studio 1492 Photography. If you don't already know, your senior year, while it's going to be amazing, will also be crazy busy. I'm talking non-stop from the first day of school until they toss you out in May. Don't believe me? Look a little closer at the Class of 2016 seniors walking the halls right now. Yes, they are almost glowing with excitement of being just weeks shy of kissing high school good bye but look a little closer. Do you see that glassy eyed, haven't slept in 4 months, so much to do and so little time vibe that surrounds them? It's there. Your senior year is intense! By getting one major thing like senior pictures checked off of the list even before you walk in the front doors of school that first day you will be one step ahead of the crowd. So the next question to be answered- where do you go for your senior session? These pictures are a big deal. Don't believe me? Take it from someone who's mom still has her (awful) senior pictures decorating her house 16 years later. I've gotten married and had a child- all events that I feel should easily replace that image of me sitting on a studio background wearing an outfit that I would never have chosen for myself, but nope. It's still hanging in all it's umm, glory(?). That image is exactly why I shoot my senior sessions the way that I do. I meet in person before we ever even pick up a camera with the senior and their parents and talk to them. I want to know what it is about that person that makes them unique. What are you interested in, what makes you stand out from the crowd? Don't think you have anything that makes you unique? I bet I can prove you wrong! Before we leave this consult, my seniors know exactly where we will be going on the day of their session, what outfits and props they'll need and are fully prepared. This time helps the final images to stand apart from all of the other cookie cutter type senior sessions that you get in a small town. I go to locations that no other photographers are allowed and can take your ideas and expand them into something epic so that you have senior pictures you are excited about 17 years later (because my goal is that your mom is still proudly displaying them like mine is!) Contact us today to set up a time for your personal consult, and let's get started planning your custom senior session!

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