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Summer Hours

summer vacation for Studio 1492 Photography, summer hours, off to the lake, Lake Michigan, Paw Paw Lake, MichiganI cannot believe that the end of the school year is just a few days away and we are finally off on summer break! I'm pretty sure, like most parents, that I get just as excited as my son! No lunches to pack, no alarm clocks and most importantly a ton of hanging out with the coolest kid I know. Bring it on! Last year I took a couple of weeks off from the studio during the summer to spend with my family. I cannot tell you how hard, as a small business owner, it is to step away from the business. To tell people no. To block off days on the calendar and refuse to open them up. But you know what happened? Nothing! Everything was totally fine. People understood when I said that I was on vacation. I really shouldn't have been shocked since I work with some amazing families!

My little guy isn't so little anymore. He is almost as tall as me (not a huge feat, but you know) and will turn 8 this summer and start 2nd grade in the fall. I now understand when you listen to that country song what they mean when they say "You're gonna miss this." I swear, every day it seems like he needs me less and less. So with that in mind, I am making a HUGE announcement and saying that, aside from what I already have scheduled, I will be unavailable for sessions for the rest of the summer. Shew! That was hard to even type!! My next available sessions will be in mid-August and then we will start talking fall minis right after that so if you want on the schedule for those- contact us ASAP! Last year we booked over half of the fall sessions before we even announced them!

So, what does it mean that I will be unavailable? Basically, it just means that I won't be scheduling any more sessions. If you've already got a session, don't stress it. I'll be there! If you need prints from a session that I shot before the summer break- call or email me. I'll get them for you- not a problem. Emails and phone calls might take a couple of days to be returned because I'll be putting this phone down and walking away from it for longer than my normal 5 seconds. However, I will be returning all messages so don't worry.

I truly appreciate all of you and the fact that you trust me with your memories. Without your support, I couldn't do what I do, and I really couldn't hit the pause button this summer and spend time with my family. I am well aware that many parents can't do this and am beyond grateful that I can. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Now, if it could please stop raining and warm up that would be awesome!

Have a wonderful summer,




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